Urban/Jungle Mural

This  mural was created by Rosie as her final piece for her MA. It was completed in January 2020.  The scale and somewhat sombre expressions of the animal subjects confront the viewer and aims to highlight our contribution to their endangerment.

The sketchy, unfinished quality in contrast to the highly detailed parts of the drawingfurther emphasises the idea that the animals are disappearing before our eyes.

We are usually used to seeing these creatures surrounded by lush green jungle, howerver for the background Rosie decided to use colours and textures found in city environments.  Graffiti and road paint drips are a constant source of inspiration for new works and colour combinations, she is always snapping photos whilst out and about walking in Bristol, her home.


Urban/Jungle is her most ambitious piece to date, measuring nine meters long and three meters high. It is painted directly on to calico fabric with a variety of mediums including chalk pastel, acrylic, household and spray paint.

This work was also shown 17-31 August 2020 at the Art Cohort gallery in Bath as a solo exhibition 'Drawn from Nature'